Kitten & Butterfly: A story that helps you teach your child how to be a good friend. Perfect for ages 2-8. Full color illustrations by Tekla Huszár. Print coloring pages. (Kitten and Friends Book 1)

Written by Aviva Gittle
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2017 LA Book Festival Honorable Mention

5-Star Readers’ Favorite

”5-Stars: Aviva Gittle tells a charming tale that kids will love … The illustrations by Tekla Huszár are beautiful, colorful and eye catching.” -Samantha Gregory for Readers’ Favorite

Kitten and Butterfly want to be friends, but what games can they play together? Kitten can’t fly and Butterfly can’t chase his tail! Together, they find a way. The first book in the Kitten and Friends series, Kitten & Butterfly is a story of friendship and acceptance. You and your little ones will love snuggling up with the cutest, friendliest, sweetest, kitty in the whole wide world!

Kitten & Butterfly is a story that helps you talk to your child about friendship, kindness, and accepting others who may look or live differently. But, it does so in a fun, “non-preachy” way. Children adore the story and the illustrations by Tekla Huszár.

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Your child will learn something about each creature featured in a “Kitten and Friends” story. Like the fact that snakes can swim (Kitten & Snake) and Koi like to eat algae (Kitten & Koi). Also, the print version of every book includes a free coloring book inside!

A message from the author, Aviva Gittle:

“The Kitten and Friends series will help you teach your child friendship skills, manners and etiquette in a fun and engaging way. Each book ends with a Moral of the Story that reinforces the message of getting along with others who may look and live differently.

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Kitten & Friends Series:

Kitten & Butterfly
Kitten & Koi
Kitten & Snake
Kitten & Squirrel

Coming in 2018:
Kitten & Kin
Kitten & Boy
Kitten & Monkey

Available in Spanish! “Gatito y Mariposa”

The Kitten and Friends series of stories, written by Aviva Gittle and illustrated by Tekla Huszár, is available in Kindle and print versions.

Meet Kitten & Butterfly illustrator Tekla Huszár!

Hi, my name is Tekla Huszár, I’m from Hungary. As an artist, I sculpt, paint, and illustrate stories. I have been drawing characters based on Indian tales and legends since I was a child. Harmony, colorful nature, animals, friendship and humor have always captivated me. Not to speak about curious kittens!

Illustrating children’s books is my favorite thing to do. Being a mother, I really enjoy reading
stories of every kind, immersing myself in the secret realm of a child’s limitless magination. I find great joy in creating the characters for the stories I’m asked to illustrate. Using my imagination to make them appear to others is such a pleasure. This is why I have loved bringing Kitten and all of his friends to life.

Getting to know Kitten and all his friends – Butterfly, Squirrel, Monkey and many more – has been so much fun! I know that you, too, will enjoy getting to know Kitten and Friends.
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