Kingdom of the New Moon: Book One of the Two Kingdoms Series

Written by Aly Clark

“Remember, Eli. She is the key to your honor.”

Eli, an aquatic, human-like creature, has always called the underwater Tognir Kingdom home—a kingdom subject to the mysterious Eltana, who demands a human sacrifice on each month’s new moon. He’s living the life of his dreams— capturing humans for the new moon sacrifice, commanding Tognir twice his age, and enjoying all the privileges his noble rank of Guardian promises, including the trust and respect of his doting father. But when Eli loses his rank and the bratty King Dominic endangers their entire civilization, his perfect world shatters.
As Eli struggles to come to grips with his dishonor and the disastrous threat looming over the Kingdom, he is called to a secret meeting with the King, who offers him a tantalizing deal to regain his rank. But as he embarks on the King’s dangerous mission, he is forced to confront all he’s ever learned about himself, the Tognir, and the humans they hunt. He must make a choice: Will he reverse the damage the King has wreaked on the Kingdom? Or will he strive for something deeper?


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