Ketogenic Diet: The No BS Ketogenic Diet Cookbook for Beginners – Learn the Fundamentals of the Keto Diet with Complete Keto Recipes & Meal Plan (Ketogenic Diet for Beginners)

Written by Maria Roberts

The Ketogenic Cookbook you’ve been looking for this whole time!

The Ketogenic Diet is a medically proven system for losing weight that doctors recommend for everything from fighting cancer to epilepsy. It is endorsed by the Mayo Clinic and numerous others in the medical community. It is basically a low-carb, high fat diet that changes the body’s method of burning energy.

No matter what your reason was for following the Ketogenic Diet, this book has everything to get you started. It’s always difficult to take the first steps, but this No BS Ketogenic Cookbook will equip you with easy to follow recipes, need to knows, answers to Keto FAQs, a simple two week meal plan and much more. Learn in-depth about how to get started with Keto, and feel good when you start losing those extra pounds on your side.

This No BS Ketogenic Diet for Beginners Cookbook includes:

  • Over 60 Easy to Follow and Make Recipes for your everyday needs
  • 14 day Comprehensive Meal Plan to jump start your body into Ketosis overnight
  • Complete Beginner Info Guide that answers all your burning questions, from exercise to Ketosis
  • Don’t you deserve better than an overnight fad? Give your body what it really needs and really deserves and check out this book today! You too can get started in your weight loss journey now with this No BS Ketogenic Cookbook.


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