Ketogenic Diet Cookbook: Julia’s Best 60 Recipes To Maximize Weight Loss + 30 Day Meal Plan

Written by Julia Stewart

Would You Like To Lose Fat FAST, While Eating DELICIOUS Meals Along The Way? Meet Julia Stewart And Learn To Diet While Actually Enjoying The Process!

Ketosis is a natural process that takes place in the liver, which enables us to survive on low food intake and starvation. As part of this process of breaking down fats, ketones are produced. When you decide to go on a keto diet, you force your body to attain such a metabolic state that initiates the process of ketosis. It is important to mention here that such a state is attained by starvation of carbohydrates, and not by starving the body of its basic calorie intake.

This book gives you all the information you need about ketogenic diet and how to get started with it. Moreover, it gives you some tasty and well-tested recipes, allowing you to get your share of delectable food even when you are on a diet! We hope that this book will help you attain the body and life you dream and deserve.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll See Inside . . .

  • Basics Of Keto Diet
  • How to get Started
  • 60 Delicious Recipes
  • 30 Day Meal plan to get you started!

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