Kali’s Fire (Kali Trilogy Book 2)

Written by Craig Allen
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Planet Kali was unknown until two months ago. Now it’s the center of the universe.

A world where every living thing is intelligent and self-aware would be a xenobiologist’s dream. But the fact virtually all of its inhabitants are completely hostile makes the planet the most dangerous in the universe. The inhabitants have no concept of comradery or morality. To them, another intelligent species is merely a source of food, and the human race is the most prolific food source they have encountered. The only saving grace is the denizens of Kali, along with the technology they stole from humans, are restricted to their own system. But that is about to change.

The secrets to faster-than-light travel have been revealed to Kali’s inhabitants. The universe will become their hunting ground. Unless humans can keep them at bay, the fires of war will spread across the universe—and humans will become prey.

Kali’s Fire is a military science fiction novel.

“Dr. Cody Brenner understands a great deal about the life and the risks that go along with being the ambassador for the creatures on the planet Kali. But all that he knows will be put to the test in a devastating and life-altering way when a new enemy comes to light, and he may not make it through his new challenge alive. Fast-paced and anxiety-inducing, Kali’s Fire will keep your heart pounding for the entire ride.” Amanda Kruse, Proofreader, Red Adept Editing


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