Junkie (Cal Rogan Mysteries Book 1)

Written by Robert P. French
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Cal Rogan, former rising star detective, fired from the Police Department because of his heroin addiction, wakes up in a squalid alley with blood all over his jacket and no memory of how it got there. It is Saturday, the day on which he has a supervised visit with his seven-year-old daughter Ellie, whom he adores. During the visit she innocently asks him, “Being a junkie’s a good thing, right Daddy?” This shifts something deep in Cal’s psyche and he determines to face the horrors of detox and the humiliation of rehab. Then he finds Kevin, his best friend from his old life, dead. His former colleagues tell him that it was suicide but Cal knows Kevin would never kill himself and vows to get justice for him. Cal’s mission takes the reader into the world of the streets and the quirky characters who inhabit them, the world of the drug gangs who prey on them and the multi-millionaire criminals who control them.


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