John Lennon Biography: The Music, The Magic & The Murder

Written by Joe Bensam

Rave Reviews:

“I’ve always been a huge John Lennon fan, and I love his music. This book has given me a real insight into what made him the success that he was.”

“A revealing biography that gives a concise yet revealing history of the man who changed history with the Beatles, and then as a solo artist.”

“This is both a wonderful and a sad story. Wonderful to think how one person could create so much, and sad to think it all ended so tragically.”

“I have always been interested in the Beatles, especially John, but never new much about him apart from the songs. This book has filled in the gaps.”

“An entertaining read about one of the most amazing people of the 20th century. This kind of thing should be in school textbooks, things that really change the world.”

Why Choose This Book?

This is a must read for anyone with an interest in music and the media. If you want to know what made the John Lennon and the Beatles the stars they became, this book will show you:

  • How a few ordinary lads from Liverpool became the world’s most famous band
  • The amazing path that took them from Hamburg to super stardom
  • What made John Lennon such a leader and innovator
  • How he became one of the world’s greatest songwriters
  • The tragedy and cruelty of his early death

What’s Inside?

This book tells you the whole John Lennon story, from birth to death – revealing a host of little-know facts about the legendary musician and songwriter, including:

  • The breaks and co-incidences that took them to stardom
  • What really went on in the Beatles dressing rooms
  • The secrets that John took to the grave with him
  • The reasons and twisted logic behind his murder
  • The surprising truth behind the Yoko story

Table Of Contents:

Chapter 1 – The Birth of a Legend
Chapter 2 – Growing Up in Liverpool
Chapter 3 – The Birth of The Beatles
Chapter 4 – The Road To Hamburg
Chapter 5 – On Track For Success
Chapter 6 – Conquering America
Chapter 7 – John Meets Yoko
Chapter 8 – Beyond The Beatles
Chapter 9 – John’s Lost Weekend
Chapter 10 – A New Beginning and a Tragic End

Why Read This Book Now…
As one of the key figures in the history of modern music, John Lennon’s life and legacy are part of our heritage. Get your copy of this book now to find out the truth behind the music, the magic and the murder.


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