Itsy Bitsy Spider (Emma Frost Book 1)

Written by Willow Rose
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

This top-rated mystery-thriller is on sale for a limited time to introduce you to the wildly popular Emma Frost Mystery Series from bestselling author Willow Rose. We hope you enjoy!

#1 Bestseller sold in more than 100.000 copies.

Emma Frost inherits a house on Fanoe Island when her grandmother dies. She decides to move there with her family, much to her teenage daughter’s regret. One morning a wealthy old woman in her street is found murdered and soon Emma finds herself wrapped in a mystery uncovering the island’s dark secrets reaching all the way into her own family.

From the author of the Amazon Bestselling Rebekka Franck-series comes a new mystery destined to keep you up all night. It is followed by the sequel Miss Polly had a Dolly. WARNING: Graphic violence.

– A great start to a new series!

– This is a terrific story, horror, psychological thriller, murder mystery all rolled into one.

– The ending was totally unexpected.

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