It’s Good To Be King: A Leadership Fable for Everyday Leaders

Written by James M. Kerr
Category: · Business & Money

It’s Good To Be King will help you to become a better leader. It’s that simple!

It’s Good To Be King is a leadership parable. It is intended to be read and enjoyed by all kinds of leaders, including those who lead others in business, their communities, places of worship and volunteer organizations.

It could not have come at a better time. With steady and responsible leadership at an all-time low, we can all benefit from a fun and lighthearted story that presents sound leadership fundamentals and reinforces the notion that, regardless of your circumstances, anyone can all learn to become an exceptional leader.

It’s Good To Be King tells the story of King Joe and his trusted advisor, the Wizard Gumdorf. You will see how they work together to transform the fate and fortune of the mystical Kingdom of Candyshire by applying common sense and time-tested leadership strategies — just like the ones we all can use to shape and transform the groups and organizations that we lead.

If you lead others, in any capacity, you will delight in the takeaways summarized at the close of each chapter. It’s Good To Be King contains over 60 leadership tips to help you to better set direction and manage change wherever you lead!

Read It’s Good To Be King and you will understand why so many other leaders find this book a “must read.”


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