Is Love Enough 4

Written by Darnisha King

Is Love Enough is a riveting Urban Romance Novel that will cause you to reevaluate if the decisions you make in your relationships are a means to an end or just a waste of time.

We watch Brandy and Lance go through a tumultuous relationship that started when they were kids. There are illegitimate children involved, affairs, sex, murders and un-Godly soul ties. Through it all – they try to maintain a relationship, but the things that they have endured together wreak havoc on their day at the altar.

Then there is LaVay and Jones, a more mature couple but equally irrational in their relationship decisions. The decision was made for each of them to pursue other people, but there was always an understanding that they would end back up together. Having the understanding and not the follow through left their love to be infiltrated by hatred and motives from outsiders. There day at the altar was also total chaos.
No one wins in Parts 1 – 3; but in Part 4 “The Finale” LaVay and Brandy will both determine if Love Is Enough for them.


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