Into the Fire Part II: To End All Wars (Universe in Flames Book 10)

Written by Christian Kallias
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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Chase and his friends are still shaken following their crushing defeat against the Spectre, also known as Tanak’Vor. Now, their course is set for Earth to acquire the final piece of the puzzle in the Fury War: the soul ships. The legendary craft could help the Earth Alliance tip the balance and defeat the Furies once and for all.

Aboard the Victory, the crack engineering crew devise a new training method, one that could help Chase and his team of warriors bridge the power gap between them and the enemy. But will it be enough against an enemy as powerful as Tanak’Vor?

As the eleventh hour draws near, will the heroes be ready for the final battle awaiting them? Will the Universe survive? And, as the Earth Alliance prepares for the final assault on Erevos, will Chase be ready to pay the ultimate price for victory?

The Epic Conclusion of the thrilling bestselling Space Opera series.

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