Instant Pot Cookbook For Two: 101 Amazingly Fast, Simple & Flavorful Recipes Made For Your Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker (Easy, Healthy and Delicious Instant Pot Cooking Book for Couples)

Written by Jason Pacha

Do you often have no time to prepare a meal? Do you just want to put all the ingredients into an instant pot, wait for the cooking process to the end, and have delectable dinner in a few minutes? Do you often just cook for two? If yes for any of these questions, then you are reading the right book!

Instant Pot is a revolutionary multi-cooker that cooks foods in a matter of minutes. This book is a complete guide of Instant Pot cooking. You will learn all essential knowledge about the Instant Pot usage, such as:

What Is an Instant Pot

How Dose an Instant Pot Work

Benefits of Using Instant Pot

How to Choose an Instant Pot

Dos and Don’ts of Instant Pot

Other Useful Advice and More

After learning about the Instant Pot using, this book will open the splendid world of flavorsome foods to you. We have collected over 100 easy recipes, which all are well-chosen and chef-proved. Most of the recipes are low in carbohydrates and can reduce weight. You will find: Soups, Stews, and Chilies, Beef, Pork, and Lamb, Seafood and Chicken, Vegan and Vegetarian, Side Dishes, Stocks, and Sauces, Festival & Weekend Recipes, Special Occasion Recipes, Desserts, and Wicked Recipes, etc. With these recipes, you certainly have new meals for the next few weeks. Consider this book not just your average cookbook but as your best friend. This book is created for daily use; it contains a multitude of healthy and wonderful recipes you can enjoy each day.

But please be noted, although this book title is Instant Pot Cookbook for Two, it is also suitable for single or family with many individuals. The serves in recipes may not 2, but you can adjust the portion or quantity of ingredients accordingly. As different people have different eating amount. Wish you will have your favorite dishes by this Instant Pot Cookbook! 

For more information, please scroll up to click the “Look Inside” button, you will like it! As all recipes in this book are really very delicious and simple to make! Best wishes! 


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