Instagram Photography: The Importance of Lighting, Style, Composition, Focus and Creative Editing (Dominating The Instagram Game Book 3)

Written by Pamela Russell
Category: · Arts & Photography

Steal the Attention of Your Followers!

To this day many Instagrammers still underestimate the importance of high-quality photography – I come across far too many profiles that only contain repetitive, unoriginal and obvious images.

Yes, the theme is important and yes hashtags are also important, but nothing quite compares to high-quality, creative and varied photos that capture the viewer’s attention. With a little guidance you can easily create original and creative photos that always spike the interest of your followers.

In this book I will discuss the fundamentals of photography for the Instagram user. We will not study the history of photography or explore famous photographers and their unique styles or techniques. This book was designed with a very different goal: create high-quality photos that make an impact on Instagram.

Throughout this book we will focus on three main topics:

1.Styles of Photography: here we will explore the most popular and successful styles across Instagram. An infinity of square-on portrait photos or only landscape photos are boring, very boring – why not experiment with macro photography? Or a bird’s eye view photo to keep things interesting?

2.What to look for before pressing the shutter: The outcome of your photos depends on an infinity of factors. We will take a look at the most relevant ones, such as lighting, composition and focus.

3.The importance of Editing: Many amateur photographers choose to avoid editing altogether, but most professionals will tell you it is essential. We will discuss the fundamentals of editing, what apps you can use and some popular techniques that will make your photos creative and unique.


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