Insomnia: Silent Cries

Written by Bettina Rippy

Mya has been silent for thirty years, fearing the condemnation of her family. For three decades, the secrets she’s hidden have festered within her, constantly hurting. They keep her up at night and leave her depressed and anxious during the day.

No more. Insomnia: Silent Cries recounts Mya’s journey to adulthood. A beautiful, shy child, Mya is betrayed, manipulated, and abused by those she should have been able to trust. Unable to share the truth with a mother preoccupied with her own troubles, Mya shuts her pain away. Doing so only makes it impossible to escape.

Childhood pain travels with Mya into adulthood. She discovers writing poetry gives her some release. The darkness still follows her, however, reaching a crescendo when she makes one of the most heartrending decisions of her life.

Discover what kept Mya awake at night in her moving memoir. Displaying a range of emotions from pain and anger to a dawning happiness, Mya shares her life with those with the will to listen. Her family may close their ears, but that doesn’t make Mya’s story any less real.


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