Inside Out Empathy: Explore the underestimated superpower essential for building, developing, and inspiring a rock-solid team

Written by Erin Thorp
Category: · Business & Money

It’s time for a new vision of leadership, one with more heart, more connection, more honesty, and deeper vulnerability. Whether you have been newly promoted to a leadership position or have been in the seat for many years, there is something for everyone in this book.

You may have noticed that employing the same skills and tactics you used in your role as a team member now that you’re a leader has left you with some major bumps and bruises. You may even fail at leadership. But this book is here to help you succeed as a leader. It will challenge you to learn new skills, dare you to try new approaches, and demand that you open up to vulnerability like you’ve probably never done. After all, we don’t get anywhere new by doing the same old things!

A few of the topics explored are:

  1. Move from a “do-er” to a “lead-er.”
  2. Be flexible, yet strong. Open, yet focused.
  3. Care about results and care about people simultaneously.
  4. Talk the talk; walk the walk.
  5. Mistakes are necessary – fail forward.
  6. There is no such things as over-communication!

Reading this book is the first step in your journey to becoming a more effective leader that will touch every aspect of your life.


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