Ikigai The Japanese Art of Happiness:: How to Live a Long and Happy Life

Written by John Hashimoto
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Japanese philosophy Ikigai is the meaning of life or some important good reason that causes a person to wake up in the morning, and the discovery of which brings satisfaction and gives more significance and fullness of human life. Many people look for a reason to get up in the morning, but few people understand that it is necessary to look inside your soul, listening to your inner voice, and not to succumb to the opinion of others. The finding your ikigai is a fundamentally important task for everyone who seeks to live a long, happy life filled with meaning, and not just to exist in our difficult world. If a person has found his destination, his life is filled with joy, energy and harmony, and its quality and duration will increase.

My book is a great guide that can make you happy person. Today you will learn how to cope with stress, understand that it is important to do business that brings you pleasure, you realize that makes you vulnerable, you look differently at your work and hobbies, you will see the beauty that you have not noticed before, and feel the joy of every day of your life.

Opening the main business of your life will require a significant investment of your time and energy. You will have to make a meaningful and important decision. Unfortunately, many people understand its necessity too late. The sooner you start searching for your ikigai, the sooner you will feel calm and satisfaction from your life. It is never too late to start looking for ikigai! However, the earlier you start searching, the more chances you have to find the right direction that will easily replace motivating trainings and unsuccessful attempts to force yourself to love what you do not like. Such search need a lot of work, energy and awareness. Please be patient! The search can take years and the most important thing in it is to keep looking for your ikigai.

In addition, my book will teach you to be happy and live every day with joy and enthusiasm. It will help you improve your health, establish relationships with people at work and at home, you can live in harmony with yourself. This is a great guide to improve the quality of your life. It is a simple, concise and understandable book based on an ancient Japanese concept. I am sure that my book and Japanese philosophy will help you find your ikigai and make you a happy person.


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