How to Win Your NCAA Tournament Pool

Written by Ed Feng
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Do you want to win your March Madness pool? The money is nice, but the bragging rights are even better.

However, it seems so difficult to win your pool. You don’t have the time to do the hours of research required to study all the teams.

I have a better way for you.

How to Win Your NCAA Tournament Pool combines analytics and strategy to maximize your chances of winning. Analytics gives you an edge over others in predicting winners. Strategy lets your exploit the biases of others in picking the best bracket.

This is the book for:

People who don’t think March Madness can be predicted. You’ll be surprised how often analytics can predict the winner of tourney games, even before it starts. See the Introduction Chapter.

People who think you should just pick the team with the highest win probability as champion. You need to think contrarian. See Chapter 3.

People who don’t have 10 hours to research their bracket. A simple 3 step process helps you make the most important decision for your bracket.

People who love March Madness. This book recounts the excitement of past tourneys through an optimal bracket.

How to Win Your NCAA Tournament Pool, revised and updated for 2016, is the first book that explains how to fill out your bracket based on pool size. This is the only genuine way to maximize your odds of winning.

“I won two pools, one of them had 100 entries, and the other had 20 entries. It felt great winning the pool, bragging rights in my office were almost better than the money won!” Ryan Peters, Omaha, Nebraska, 2015.


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