How to Travel the World While Earning a Living Online

Written by Sandy Ingram
Category: · Business & Money

How to travel the world and make money online. No job, no boss, no hassles. Details on travel and money, how it works, what you can do and how to get started. No get-rich schemes here. This book includes doable and proven ways others are earning a living with mobile offices Each recommended industry is suitable for earning a living while traveling.
Each methodology is proven, tested and is verifiable. Earning a living online doesn’t have to be difficult when you do what others before you have successfully done. Follow the small crowd of retirees, expats, backpackers, students and adventure seekers who travel from continent to continent, country to country, all while fueling their electronic bank accounts to pay monthly travel expenses.

Tips on how and where to access the Internet from almost every country in the world. Online platforms that hire professional freelancers, writers, marketing experts and applicants for odd jobs. Regardless if you are working from the airport, your hotel room, on the beach or a luxury tour bus, you can keep up with your work schedule, earn, travel and maybe even prosper depending on your niche or industry. This is not a get rich book, however wealth building is included, see Chapter Seven and Chapter Nine. How to get started and informational details to help make your path easier.

How to pack a mobile office, what to pack and how to stay safe and healthy are all a part of the training on becoming self-sufficient, and financially self-reliant while traveling the world. Earning a living online is NOT difficult when you do your homework, research your industry and know where to find your potential clients. These are tasks best completed before you begin your journey.

The author, a retired expat and graduated of DeVry, shares how she and other expats around the world earn monthly income online, while traveling and living offshore. If grandma and seniors can do it, surely you can. Scroll up and grab a copy.


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