How to Train Your Knight: A Medieval Romance Novel

Written by Stella Marie Alden
Category: · Romance

 “By God, drag her down here! Naked if you must! Bread and water from now to eternity if you can’t!”

In the wee hours of dawn, The Beast’s curses echo throughout the stone manor. A knife clatters to the floor and a feisty young widow is bound, blindfolded, and led to the altar.

She wonders how the king could possibly have sanctioned this farce. After all, she alone transformed a few mud huts and starving serfs into a flourishing town, never once hesitating to pay generous taxes. Abandon her beloved people to be ruled by her new husband, an ignorant knight? Never!

The former Templar is dumbfounded. Is this some cruel jest or an evil conspiracy? After returning from the Holy wars, he accepts a small parcel of land from the King. However, the reward comes with a serious impediment. He must marry this alleged witch.

Certainly,there’s an attraction and given time, she’ll warm his bed. Meanwhile, he can observe her strange, forward-thinking ways.

Hanging? Inquisition? Don’t worry. There’s a HEA for this couple and no cliffhangers!

Be sure to read the next two in the series ‘How To Marry Your Wife’ and ‘How to Seduce a Queen.’


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