How To Talk To Anyone: Build Confidence, Learn To How To Small Talk And Be Able To Extrovert Yourself – 3 Manuscripts (Effective Communication Book 4)

Written by Simon Ruddy
Category: · Business & Money

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New Book By Best-Selling Author Simon Ruddy. This Edition Contains 3 Of His Previous Books:
How To Talk To Anyone: 10 Confidence Tips To Boost Your Communication Skills You Wish You Already Knew
How To Talk To Anyone: 10 Tips To Become Fluent In Small Talk You Wish You Already Knew
How To Talk To Anyone: 10 Tips To Turn Yourself From An Introvert Into An Extrovert

Ever feel like you are not being heard? Good communication makes the world go around , so it is high time you learned to do it properly. If you suffer from social anxiety and simply cannot find the will to talk to people, or if you simply feel like you are talking to a wall, this book is for you.

Communicating successfully is done through a combination of body language and words, but not just any words will do. In the following chapters, you will find out how to talk to people in a number of situations, doing so with the greatest of ease.

Use your new found communication skills to succeed in all areas of your life. Meet new friends, rekindle connections with family, maybe even find that special someone you have been looking for. Good communication can put you leaps and bounds ahead of your colleagues for that open management position. Talking to the right people just might land your dream job.

What you’ll learn

  • How to find common ground with someone
  • Ways to talk about yourself in a way that doesn’t sound like you’re bragging or self-centered
  • How to position the conversation to be about the other person, rather than about yourself
  • How to properly integrate humor into small talk
  • Exit strategies that will help you remove yourself from a conversation in a timely manner.
  • Typical introvert and extrovert personality traits, so that you can determine how much of an introvert you truly are
  • How to plan your social interactions so that you never feel
  • Ways that you can re-charge after a long day of hob-knobbing
  • Body language cues that will tell others that you’re eager to be outgoing and entertaining
  • Ways that you can make social interactions work for you, with less stress and more time for enjoyment
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