How to Steal Like an Author: Success in Writing Books Through Increased Creativity (How to Write a Book Book 3)

Written by Dean R. Giles
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Steal Like an Author

Steal Like an Author is a creativity book that can boost creativity for authors and others alike. Have you ever wondered why some people are more creative than others and produce more creative things than others? In this handbook for writers and others, principles of creativity are uncovered, activities and exercises that improve creativity are disclosed, and how to apply that creativity to writing is exposed. This creativity manual is a virtual secret garden or an enchanted forest that beacons readers into their own creative haven, where they can recognize their own creative special talents and leverage the inspiration of others to produce truly unique works.

Everyone Can Be Creative

Everyone can be creative. Creativity is an action and a habit. This is a creativity handbook, a strengths finder that lets you first learn to accept the influence of others, then apply creative principles to make your own projects and writing more unique and much more fulfilling. Use this book for a creative boost to your creativity and design.

Writing Requires Creativity

Writing is a field that requires more creativity than other endeavors. The application of creativity to writing through exercises and example can improve anyone’s results. Finding your own style can be an amazing adventure.

Have you ever wanted to unleash your inner creativity and let it flow? This book will teach you how, and give you the step by step instructions for improving creativity in your life. This book will help you and teach you the practices and habits that will explode your creativity.

Jump Start Your Writing Career

Don’t let things fall apart. Like a book thief, you can learn how to leverage successful models and build on the successes of others in novel and unique ways that will extend what others have done and showcase your own unique creativeness.


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