How to Sell on Etsy With Facebook – Selling on Etsy Made Ridiculously Easy Vol. 1

Written by Charles Huff
Category: · Business & Money

Want to know how to sell on etsy? Tired of finding all your new creations on your Etsy store sit unbought? Want your experience selling on Etsy to be more productive, more profitable…and a heck of a lot more fun?

Well…check out my new book “How to Sell on Etsy With Facebook – Selling on Etsy Made Ridiculously Easy Vol.1”

As an Etsy seller myself I learned, the really hard way and by making every Facebook marketing mistake in the book, how to turn all those likes and comments into actual sales for an Etsy store.

Here’s what I cover in the book:

In Chapter 1 – How to Make Your Facebook Page Look Supremely Awesome – We go over the tips and tricks for making your Fan Page look sharp, super professional and optimized for maximum sales awesomeness.

In Chapter 2 – 4 Apps You Just Gotta Have on Your Facebook Fan Page – I show which apps you need, and tips for installing them simply and easily, that’ll help you place your Etsy store on your Fan Page and get tons of new cross-promotion at just the click of a button.

In Chapter 3 – 4 Keys to Cracking the Facebook News Feed – I give you the straight scoop on when, what and how to post status updates that get shared, liked and spread around the Internet in no time.

In Chapter 4 – How to Get Thousands of Fans in Just Minutes a DAy – I show you some super cheap, and mostly free, ways to boost your fan base rapidly — and then turn those fans into customers for your Etsy crafts.

In Chapter 5 – 6 Secrets to Facebook Advertising Success – I cover that most controversial part of Facebook marketing…and that is ads. I break down the different kinds of ads you should focus on, and how to implement them right away for Etsy selling success.

In Chapter 6 – Facebook Contests and Offers Made Easy – I walk you through these two very powerful methods of Facebook marketing that are perfect for us Etsy sellers.

In Chapter 7 – How to Assemble Your Facebook Marketing Team – I show you how to off-load some of those key Facebook marketing duties…and create a low-cost team to take your Etsy business to the next level.

So if you want to know how to sell on etsy successfully on Facebook, and what Facebook marketing perils to totally avoid, check out “How to Sell on Etsy With Facebook – Selling on Etsy Made Ridiculously Easy Vol.1” and you might just find it’s the final piece to your Etsy seller puzzle.


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