How to Seduce a Queen: A Medieval Romance Novel

Written by Stella Marie Alden
Category: · Romance

Impregnate the former queen? With her arrow pointed at his heart, the knight figures he’ll soon join the others who’d tried to cross her drawbridge. But as he gazes up past her weapon and into the hurt in her eyes, it’s his soul that’s pierced. Disguised as a monk, perhaps he’ll be able to make it good for both of them. Regardless, his grandfather’s commands are clear. Seduce her or die trying.
Neither Scott nor English, nor even queen, Lady Fay is stuck on an island off the coast of the great mainland. Men come to claim her along with the land of her ancestors but she’ll never marry willingly. Better to shoot them dead. She remembers all too well how cruel a man’s touch can be. 

Lies upon lies. He’s no monk and she’s no queen. The Isle of Man is up for grabs and the first to claim it will have a coastal advantage. What chance does this couple have under the rule of their ruthless kings?

There’s a HEA guaranteed in this twelfth century, along with a good dose of adult content.


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