How to Rhyme Vol. 2: Rhyme Patterns for Rhyme Patterns INTERMEDIATE

Written by Jami Khabir
Category: · Arts & Photography

How to Rhyme vol 2 continues in the ground breaking discovery of a perfect science behind writing rhymes by outlining the “second level” of rhyming patterns which are built directly off of the first level of rhyming patterns that were taught in volume 1. The reader now gets directly exposed to the bigger picture involved in the science behind writing rhymes and the hierarchy present in all of the rhyming styles. As in volume 1, How to Rhyme volume 2 further establishes it’s unique method of teaching readers how to rhyme whether they are in it for mastering “How to write poetry” or “How to rap”. ONCE AGAIN novices, creative writers, poets, and rappers alike are all able to further their knowledge of writing rhymes at an even higher level by mastering the following areas:

• How to rhyme on an intermediate level without the confusion of complex poetic terminology.

• A second level of rhyme patterns and drills that are all built off of the first level of patterns in volume 1.

• How to rap on the second level of rhyme patterns known as “ways of rapping” which are built directly off of the rhyme patterns in volume 1.

• A clearly understood hierarchy involved when expressing oneself through
rhyming patterns that are written in random order.

• Practice drills which teach you how to interchange (or mix) the rhyming patterns up and use them all at random order.

• Practice drills which teach you how to hold the rhyming pattern for a long time.

• Extended rhyme patterns for the practice drills which hold the pattern of rhymes for a long time.

• And even MORE practice drills that teach you how to simultaneously HOLD AND CHANGE the rhyming patterns at the same time.

• A tagging system which highlights all of the rhyming patterns taught in BOTH volumes for anybody wanting to learn how to write poetry or how to write rap.

• References to audio drill aids for all of the drills for those wanting to learn how to rap as well as those wanting to learn how to write poetry.

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