How to Have Outrageous Financial Abundance In No Time:Biblical Principles For Immediate And Overwhelming Financial Success

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When can you turn your finances around. This book says immediately.

With over 15 testimonies from those who have been exposed to the revelations in this testifying of financial abundance within months and sometimes weeks, the author could not help but expose the information to more people for their benefit.

The revelations are explosive and will cause immediate results in the financial lives of individuals.

it will completely alter financial perspectives and take many out of lack and the financial rat race.

Financial abundance has been made so easy to those exposed to the works in this book. It is amazing the effect the revelations are having worldwide. You cannot afford to miss out.

Below are a few words from those who have been exposed to the revelations during the coaching version of the revelations in this book:

1. Before I attended this great program, both my life and my finances were in shambles. I was a passenger on earth. But after the first day of the program I began to notice a positive change and a shift in my life. When Dr. Francis spoke, he interrupted the thoughts of failure and lack going on in my mind. He helped restore the belief in me that I could climb the ladder of success and get to the top. He helped change the program that was running in me and helped me become a conscious Creator of my future… After one month, I turned $100 into $3,000. You can read my book on Amazon titled; “SECRET TO HAVING ALL YOU WANT” I wrote that book after he helped me find my purpose in life and helped me establish my enterprise in less than 3 months. Today am happy to recommend this program to you, it will transform your life and finances.

2. After I attended the financial coaching program last year 2016, in less than 3 months I started my own business and 3 months later I bought my own house… I recommend this program to anyone who wants more out of life.

3. Because of this financial coaching program, I was able to start my own business. Today I am very proud of where I am financially. My life would have still been a mess if not for this program. I will recommend this program to anyone especially women who want to attain financial freedom. I am a very young woman and what I have attained financially still remains a wonder to me. There are people you meet that just have a way of making your life so much better. Dr. Francis is one of them.

4. What still keeps me wondering is how fast this program transformed me and my finances.
This program has turned my whole life around. Because of this Program I have moved from a struggling small business owner to one who employs people. I highly recommend this program…


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