How to Get Started in Hollywood (for Actors): The Straightforward Guide to Saving Four Years & Five Figures While Establishing the Career of Your Dreams in Los Angeles

Written by Jacquelyn Doggette

Becoming a working actor in Hollywood is one of the most confusing, time-consuming, money-draining career paths there is.

What classes should you take? How do you find auditions? Do you really have to pay $1K+ for good headshots? How do you even get started on this wacky career path?

Jacquelyn Doggette tackles these questions and more in How to Get Started in Hollywood (for Actors). This conversational career guide gives readers the tools to:

* Map out a personalized career plan
* Get on-set experience
* Make informed decisions on everything from acting classes to headshot wardrobe choices
* Strategically seek representation

As a working actor in Los Angeles, Doggette has personally used every piece of information in this book and would give (and has given!) the same candid advice to her closest friends.

This is the information that actor-hopefuls use to become working actors in Hollywood.

By following the advice in this book, you will save time, save money and become a working actor. Take control of your career and act (no pun intended) NOW.


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