How to Analyze People: Instantly Analyze Anyone (Underground Playbook for Analyzing People, Book 1)

Written by Alfred Smith
Category: · Business & Money

How Analyze People … Instantly

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could meet anybody and, within minutes, know quite a bit about them and even know if they are lying to you? Or perhaps you have an interview coming up and you want to know if your potential future boss is just nodding his head to be nice or if you’re actually doing a great job … 

You can know these things.  In this book, you will learn how to categorize people into personality types upon meeting them.  You will learn how to read people when selling to them.  You will better understand what a woman is thinking when she looks at you.  You will also know when that poker player sitting across from you is bluffing and if the defendant in a court case is lying on the stand. 

Whatever the situation, you will be better equipped to handle it because you are about to discover The Underground Playbook for Analyzing People (Book #1 in series).


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