Hostage Heart

Written by Regina Wolfe
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

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A fascinating account of early Britain, a gripping tale of lust, love and the horrors of ancient warfare. Beautifully written, filled with myriad period details and compelling characters, it takes you deep into the heart of a brutal era — and into the nature of feminine honor, feminine courage. I was enthralled.
~ JENNIFER BLAKE, NY Times Bestselling Author

Please note: This novel takes place in a harsh era when spoils were often treated as commodities. While the violence toward women and children is period-appropriate, it is never gratuitous. The story focuses on adaptation, survival and, ultimately, love in the Dark Ages before Arthur was made king.

Elsbeth of Olmsbury desires nothing beyond helping her father run his dukedom — until the duke’s forces are overwhelmed, his castle torched and Elsbeth seized for the invading king’s personal spoil. Expecting the same abuse as the other surviving women of her house, Elsbeth instead finds the king, Leodegrance, treating her with a civility that belies his flagrant desire for her. A desire that will have her his consort in Cameliard once he can convince her rank and duty alone forced his hand against her father.

But Elsbeth is not so easily won. There is the matter of Leodegrance gifting his steward with an unwilling young handmaid from Elsbeth’s household. Of his marriage of convenience to his Byzantine queen. And of his plans to subjugate more of Britain’s citadels and unite the wild isle under Roman rule.

If Elsbeth can’t find her tangled way to forgiveness with the king — or escape the dark designs and perverse desires of Uther Pendragon, enemy to them both — then a legend of Camelot may never be conceived, never be born, and never change history forever …

Previously published under the title SPOIL OF WAR.


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