Hollywood Dirty Money: My Shocking Story of Dealing Cocaine to Hollywood’s High Society

Written by Just Ryan

Part 2 is out and available for download!!!

They say that all drug dealers eventually get caught. But I’m proof they don’t.
I’m not what you’d think. I’m not in a gang and I’ve never killed anybody. My business was as straightforward as any other: I bring the product, you bring the cash, we make the exchange, and voila. It went like this 99% of the time.

Being a mid-level cocaine dealer in Hollywood, California, I bypassed a lot of the dirt and negativity associated with drug use and dealing.
Coke is, after all, a rich man’s drug. Businessmen, actors, singers, music executives, and big shot movie producers made up most of my clientele.
I promised myself that I would make as much money as I could– in six months. After six months I’m out.
In that .5 a year I made a bundle of cash, experienced places and situations I never would have otherwise, rubbed shoulders (and railed lines) with Hollywood big shots, and became the source of the party for some A-list celebrities.

Some of it may seem unbelievable; some of it will seem outright stupid… For what it’s worth, I assure you it’s all true, to the best of my recollection.

This is part 1 of 2: the first three months.

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