Hittites: The True and Surprising History Of The Ancient Hittite Empire

Written by Patrick Auerbach
Category: · History

The Hittites, most known as the opposers of Israel in the Old Testament and the Torah, were a mystery throughout the ages until their recorded tablets were discovered in the early 1900’s. The Hittites chronicled the history and major events in cuneiform onto more than 25,000 stone tablets. After discovery the key to their language translation, scholars treated to a complete description of the culture and key military conquests.

Some of the questions answered by the tablets included:

  • Where did they originate?
  • How did they expand their kingdom?
  • Who were their notable peers?
  • What were their significant accomplishments?
  • What is their legacy?
  • In this book, we discuss these questions and more details about the life and habits of the Hittites. We narrate extensively the Battle of Kadesh, and discuss the insertion of Ramses and King Tut into the history of the Hittites.
    We delineate the personal correspondence of the kings with neighboring peers, discussing important events like the Trojan War. We note the effects of the plague of Egypt on the Hittite Empire.

    The kingdom of the Hittites encompassed over 4,000 square miles and rivaled Egypt and Assyria, just a few of their neighboring enemies. Their contribution to the Iron Age, the modification of the chariot, and their horse training skills have impacted civilization as a lasting tribute to their innovative spirit.

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