Herbal Teas: A Guide to the Most Common, and the Not So Common, Herbal Teas, for Extraordinary Health and Enjoyment (Worlds Most Loved Drinks Book 10)

Written by Tadio Diller

Amazing Book on Herbal Tea and Natural Healing

Learn all the basics on herbal teas for health benefits

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Have you ever had a cold or some ailment and you just didn’t know what to do? Would you prefer a more natural way of healing and preventing diseases? Or maybe you already have some knowledge but want more?

Look no further, read this book and you will learn about all common and not so common herbal teas. You will follow the story of Helen and how she’s able to cure herself with herbal teas!

In this book I will teach you about the following

✓ Treatment for 7 of the most common ailments

✓ Debuncing a few common myths about herbal teas!

✓ The herbal teas you have to put on your shopping list today

✓ Recipes and steeping times

✓ How to use herbal teas for improving various health aspects

✓ What cautions to take with herbal teas

✓ A little history lesson on herbal teas

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