Hell on Earth (Life of the Dead Book 1)

Written by Tony Urban

“The recently completed ‘Life of the Dead’ series is sure to become your newest zombie obsession!”

Let me tell you about the end of the world.

With the flick of his wrist, a madman unleashes a plague that devastates humanity. Cities burn and the government crumbles as the dead come back to life as crazed, flesh-hungry monsters, leaving less than 5,000 people alive in America.

As the mystery of who started the zombie apocalypse takes a backseat to survival, convicts and soldiers, fry cooks and millionaires, housewives and farmers are forced to make life and death decisions in the blink of an eye.

Could you kill your friend, your parent, your child, to save yourself? Would you risk your life to save that of a stranger? Heroes and villains rise from the ashes of what used to be civilization and an epic, post-apocalyptic adventure begins.

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It’s Stephen King’s The Stand meets The Walking Dead! Graphic and well written with fully developed characters. ★★★★★

Between the vivid imagery and the gory details, I had to take a break during the second half just to get my lunch down. It was awesome! ★★★★★

Fast paced, action packed, and full of gore! I could not put it down!! ★★★★★


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