Hard (Raw Heroes Book 2)

Written by S.R. Jones

I’m nobody’s hero. Hell, I’m not even a good guy. All I do is work, eat, train and sleep. Repeat. The only thing I care about is protecting those who matter to me. Other than that, I’m numb, walking through the world like a ghost. And guess what? That’s the way I like it.

Then she comes along…

She’s the last thing I need–and the only thing I want. She’s full of righteous indignation at the world—and at everything I stand for. Getting her is going to be hard work. But I relish this challenge. Tearing down her walls and breaking her apart, I’ll make her mine and take control. It’s what I do. But when danger threatens to take her from me, I will unleash the killer I’ve tried so hard to tame.

Praise for book one in the series – Raw: Raw heroes book one:
“All I have to say about this read is…WOW WOW WOW” Reviewer
“So this book is so crazy but so crazy good!!!!” Amazon Reviewer
“There are so many different things I can say about this book but the one that I mean the most is Just WOW…” Amazon Reviewer
“What can I say about this first book by S.R. Jones???? It is freaking amazing and had me wanting more and WOW I just loved this book.” Amazon Reviewer
“Have Mercy! This is one of the best books I have read in quite some time.” Amazon Reviewer
” Ethan is just so wild and so different from the norm” Amazon Reviewer
“Ridiculously hot and smart.”


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