Habits: 30 Habits in 30 Days that will Change your Life

Written by Jill Hesson
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Habits: 30 Habits in 30 Days that will Change your Life

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You may not know it, but habits are something that we learn to do automatically. Every day, we go through the process of following the same patterns and routines, but did you know you can use this for your own benefit. In every area of your life, habits determine how successful people are in their professional lives as well as in relationships and general conduct of their lives. If you were to ask an entrepreneur about habits, they would tell you that these form the basis for their success. It’s the same in every area of your life, from getting up in the morning, right through to getting into bed. Habits are your behaviors, but what’s interesting is that scientists have found that the number of neurons that actively support these habits decrease in adults, as opposed to increasing. They were puzzled by this and when they studied it further, found that when neurons are not used, they tend to decrease.

The connections between neurons are key to improving your performance. It is clear, for example, that if you do not paint pictures, the neurons that deal with the artistic area of your brain will be less active than those in someone who paints. He further purports that babies are born with what he describes as a “blank canvas” where everything is indeed possible, whereas adults limit their capabilities by honing in on certain skills that they know they are good at. They tend to dismiss those areas where their own personal strengths do not apply and thus the neurons group into limiting groups that highlight the strengths and take away what may be perceived as weaknesses.

By changing your habits and tagging new ones onto existing ones, you piggyback your way to opening up those neuron areas and increasing the range of your own possibilities. If you don’t think that this is true, then you really do need to examine the contents of this book because you will see how habits work and how tagging another habit to an existing one can improve your life in so many ways that you never thought possible. In fact, the potential was always there, but you have limited it by seeing the canvas as overflowing, rather than blank and filled with possibility. You limit yourself by thinking in this way, but if you can piggyback your new habits onto existing ones, you can increase the neuron activity in your brain and reap the benefits.

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