Guitar Chords: The Ultimate Chord Book Reference for the Pop and Rock Music Guitar Player (INCLUDING OVER 120 CHORD DIAGRAMS)

Written by Trevor Beck
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Are you struggling with guitar chords? Do you feel frustrated because you can’t play your favorite songs on guitar?

Then, this book is the best choice for you. This is your beginner textbook that will thoroughly and comprehensively guide you through the learning process starting from the basics and leading you to their implementation in a real song. It will let you understand the whole journey from the “birth” of a chord to its actual incorporation in music.

This is a book that combines everything and comprises a great starting point for aspiring guitarists or guitar lovers who want to extend their understanding of the instrument. Its close-to-the-student method helps you advance either on your own or with a teacher and closely monitors your progress through exercises that require aspects previously discussed in the book and urge you to revise until perfection.

For your faster development and the exclusion of generating more doubts than knowledge, it contains:

  • Over 120 Chord Diagrams

    • Basic theory

    • Chord Construction of Major, Minor, Dominant 7, Major 7, Suspended, Power Chords, 6 etc.

    • Music genre-Chord type correspondence

    • Proper finger placement with strengthening exercises

    • Chord names and diagrams

    • Full explanation of the famous CAGED system

    • Basic strumming patterns

    • Exercises for growth of all your aspects as a guitarist

    • Application to real songs

    • Exercises to improve all your guitar skills

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