Getting to Know Abraham Lincoln: A Quick-Read Biography About the Life of The United States’ Sixteenth President (Quick-Read Biography Series Book 1)

Written by Cynthia A. Parker

Getting To Know Abraham Lincoln

A Short, Yet Interesting, Biography!
” I just couldn’t put the book down once I started learning about all the accomplishments and the way that Abraham Lincoln lived his life.” – Bernard

Ever wanted to learn more about Abraham Lincoln, but never felt you had the time to read a comprehensive work? Here author Cynthia A. Parker removes that pain by offering an opportunity to Get-to-Know The United States’ sixteenth President; to learn of his youth and upbringing, his early career, his romantic life, and of course his pivotal role in holding the Union together during his terms as President amid civil war.

Turn these pages and enjoy the opportunity to learn history, but better yet to come to know Lincoln better through Parker’s amazing ability to describe Lincoln’s life in such a way as to encourage the reader to carry on; making this an enjoyable and interesting Quick-Read Biography.

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Now’s your chance to learn more about Abraham Lincoln by reading an information-packed biography, that’s not 300-500+ pages long! Purchase this book now, and certainly within a few hours you’ll know more about Lincoln, his life, and the experiences which formed his character and made him so influential!


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