Gettin’ Hard (Single Ladies’ Travel Agency Book 1)

Written by Carina Wilder
Category: · Romance

I’m heading to Paris to get away from it all.
And when I say “all,” that includes any human being with a d*ck. I’m Independent Adriana. Not some chick looking for a fling.
So when Mr. Hotness approaches me in the bar at JFK, I’m cold and aloof. The problem is, he’s charming.
And handsome.
And he smells like everything I’ve ever wanted to lick.
Even if I do see him again, I shouldn’t give in to temptation. He’s just a distraction, just a little hors d’oeuvre before the main course that is the City of Lights.
… Right?

I’m a self-proclaimed bastard with no interest in commitment. Women are a game for me; one-night achievements intended to be disposable units of pleasure.
That is, until Adriana walks into my life.
For some reason I can’t get her out of my head, even though I know she’s bad news.
She’s cold. She’s unobtainable.
She lives in another country.

So why the hell do I want her so badly?

This is the first in the Single Ladies’ Travel Agency series, stand-alone Contemporary Romance novels to take you to a faraway place and get your mind racing.

Gettin’ Hard is a full length stand-alone novel, approximately 58,000 words.


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