Games vs. Hardware. The History of PC Gaming. The 80’s

Written by Purcaru Ion Bogdan
Category: · Arts & Photography

My two biggest passions concerning computers are hardware and gaming. I wrote this book because I wanted to show how games and hardware evolved together and the interesting connections between them and because I don’t want that important pieces of history regarding computer hardware, games and, in a smaller amount the 80’s operating systems to be forgotten and lost. I want everyone to appreciate the hardware and software industry and especially the people behind them as they worked many days and nights to deliver us fast and advanced computers and entertaining and complex games.
The book is as detailed as possible that is why it is so big; I did an extensive research of video games and hardware in the 80’s (all platforms, not only IBM PC) so I don’t miss anything important and because visuals are important the book contains more than 500 pictures of hardware and video games from the 80’s.
On 23.09.2014 I did a major update for the Kindle version, and now the book has better graphics, more pictures and better formatting; the spelling errors are still present unfortunately.


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