From the Waitlist…to the Most Wanted…I am CHOSEN: A Powerful Adoption Story of Identity, Purpose, and Love

Written by Brittany Neely Jones

*The Best Adoption Memoir of 2017!*

“From the Wait List…to the Most Wanted…I am CHOSEN” gives an unguarded look at adoption and identity. Through relatable stories with biblical references, Jones discloses how she once existed with no identity, self-esteem, or confidence to now fearlessly progressing and walking in her Godly purpose. Documenting life perceptions since the age of ten, this Self-Reflection Expert encourages and inspires others to discover the glorious light despite adversity.
In this book, you’ll discover clear tips for:
-Building self-esteem
-Forgiving and trusting others
-Intentionally living for God’s purpose AND MORE
Also, sincere advice is given for:
-parents who are adopting
-siblings of adopted children
-And adoptees

* Read “I AM CHOSEN” to visualize your life as Christ views it and shift defeatist thinking with positive vigor.*

Jones want you to begin your breakthrough journey as you learn about hers today! Why postpone the experience?

Acclaim for I AM CHOSEN

“As an adopted child myself, reading Brittany Neely Jones’s new book hit me with an eye opening experience that I AM NOT ALONE. My adoption experience is not something I ever talk about and probably never fully processed. I was astounded while reading Brittany’s words at how she felt the exact same things as me; the same core feelings of shame, worthlessness, identity crisis and feeling unlovable. All of which had a direct impact on my relationships, friendships and professional life. I believe that once you realize you aren’t alone and that you aren’t a victim, you can heal your life. I think I am ready to take that step forward now! Brittany’s book sheds light on the painful details of her own journey all while being relatable to the reader. I especially loved the worksheets included in the “I AM CHOSEN: The Workbook” that help us put into practice today some healing methods and prayers about claiming our identity, honing ourselves, our strengths and our uniqueness.”

-Brittany Hammond, Untamed Lifestyle & Business, France

“…Brittany’s story revealed so many sincere truths for adopted families. It has given me an idea of how to approach my daughter’s truth.”
-VP Love, Louisiana

-From the Waitlist to the Most Wanted: I Am Chosen is a thought-provoking and inspirational story of how a young woman struggling with her adoption finds strength in the Lord to heal and come to terms with her true self. I had the privilege of reading and sharing the author’s gripping accounts with my eighth-grade students who are writing memoirs, and we were enthralled by the passion the author evoked through her use of sensory details, figurative language, and dialogue. Her descriptions literally gave us goosebumps…I encourage anyone who has been adopted, knows someone who has been adopted, or has experienced times of self-doubt to read this memoir because not only does it tackle the concept of adoption and the stigmas surrounding it, but it also designs a roadmap of how to find your truth and live it to the fullest. Jones lets the reader know that your DNA does not determine your destiny because God has already assigned you a purpose. She proves that although you may think you are alone and are at your lowest, with prayerful obedience, you CAN and WILL emerge in the darkest moments of your life. Kudos to Jones for candidly sharing her story with the world!
-Shamona Fernanders, English Teacher, Gaffney, SC

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