Freestyle Cookbook 2018: Irresistible, Healthy, and Easy Recipes for Weight Loss and Improved Health

Written by Janet Cole

Decided to give Weight Watchers a try? Their Freestyle program can transform how you achieve your health goals!

For decades, Weight Watchers has been one of the most successful diet programs out there. The secret is that unlike a lot of diets, no foods are restricted. Instead, they’re given points based on the amount of sugar, saturated fat, protein, and total calories. The higher the points, the less healthy the food, generally. WW calculates your daily allowance based on your health goals, and you also get a weekly allowance. With the new Freestyle program, you have more foods that are 0 points, such as:

  • Chicken
  • Beans
  • Fish and shellfish
  • Whole eggs
  • Plain, unsweetened yogurt

“Freestyle Cookbook 2018: Irresistible, Healthy, and Easy Recipes for Weight Loss and Improved Health” makes it easier to create delicious, satisfying meals that are low in points. The other feature of the Freestyle program is that you can roll over points, if you don’t reach your target during the week. Have an event coming up where you anticipate eating foods you normally would not? Save up to four days’ worth of points and treat yourself! For the rest of the week, this book includes recipes the whole family will love, including:

  • Blueberry-Almond Oats
  • Slow Cooker Chili
  • Peach-Glazed Pork Loin
  • Fish Tacos
  • Oven-Baked Chicken Kebabs
  • Potato Salad w/ Turkey Bacon
  • Mongolian Beef
  • Chocolate Fudge

You don’t have to be alone in your weight-loss journey. A big part of Weight Watchers is the community, and you have the option to participate online only or meeting with a group in-person. With this book as your guide, healthy eating and living is more convenient than ever. Designed to fit into your life and not the other way around, Freestyle turns the idea of a “diet” on its head.


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