Free Story “Tulia!” from Girls to the Rescue

Written by Joan Harries
Category: · Children’s Books

“Tulia!” is one of the ten stories from Girls to the Rescue, Book #5. If you enjoy this exciting story, more adventures await you in Girls to the Rescue Books #1 through #7.

Tulia means “calm down” in Swahili. Aisha’s mom often used the Swahili word “tulia” to help calm her children down.  Now Aisha has her own reason to use the word “tulia.”  While visiting her sister who is babysitting, Aisha smells smoke. In this scary moment, a very brave girl, armed with her mother’s voice, finds courage…

If you like this free sample story, look for the books in the Girls to the Rescue series. In most fairy tales, a helpless young lady waits around for a prince to rescue her. But the spunky girls in the entertaining Girls to the Rescue series are much too busy saving the day to wait for Prince Charming. “Tulia!” is one of the ten stories from Girls to the Rescue Book #5.

The Girls to the Rescue series is well-loved by many:
Girls to the Rescue will please and inspire girls.” —Women’s Circle
Girls to the Rescue turns a new page and Prince Charming is history.” –Sally Han, New York Daily News
“Inspiring” –Mary Hance, Nashville Banner
“Must reading.” –Lee Littlewood, Copley News Service
“Provides positive female role models.” –Nicole Bondi, The Detroit News



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