Forced Compliance (The Galactic Outlaws Book 1)

Written by Bradford Bates
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

We thought vampires had been extinct for thousands of years.

We. Were. Wrong.
Captain Drake was the kind of smuggler that would take any job that needed to be done. That was as long as you had the credits and didn’t mess with his crew. Now one of those very crew members had been taken, and Drake would stop at nothing to find her.

Samantha Ripley only wanted one thing, she wanted to get off Hyperion Four. For the last four years, she had dedicated herself to nothing but flight school. Her graduation was so close she could almost taste it. A chance encounter as she finished her shift at the diner was going to change everything.

The two of them were separated by a universe of stars, but their lives would intersect like colliding comets, and the results will shape the future of the verse itself.

When Firefly meets Underworld a new legacy is born.


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