Flying Cats and Flip Flops. Surviving a Notorious African Prison

Written by Paul Johnson

A lucky windfall jump-starts his miserably unfulfilled life, and so his incredible journey begins.
A second prize win on ‘spot the ball’ may not sound a life changing amount, but it’s enough for Terry Johnson to follow his dream. A dreary grey council estate existence and an overbearing, money squandering shoplifter wife of 25 years – he’s desperate to get away.
Retirement approaching, this flamboyant charmer and seasoned risk-taker isn’t quite ready for the quiet life – his free bus pass can wait!
He craves adventure and excitement and finds both in equal measure – in Africa.
Terry snubs the usual tourist trail of safaris and beaches – he prefers to plan a more extreme unorthodox route, ‘off road’ and dangerous. That’s the way he likes it.
Risks galore, he gets himself into dangerous and bizarre situations along the way – until he’s caught with drugs at Nairobi Airport.
Four months of squalor in Nairobi remand prison, he struggles to survive the harsh cramped conditions which ravage his mind and body. Finally sentenced, he’s off
to a prison notorious for a blatant disregard for human rights.
All the time his biggest challenge awaits him in England.


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