Flowers For Zoe (Hart Of Rock And Roll Book 4)

Written by Mary J. Williams
Category: · Arts & Photography

Zoe Hart. Badass lead guitar player
Smith Carson. Rock God.
What he wants, she can’t give. What she needs, he’s the only answer.

Zoe Hart knows who she is. Sister, friend. And lead guitar player for The Ryder Hart Band.

A childhood filled with all-to-real monsters and the uncertainty of foster homes left her no choice but to grow up fast. To survive she built a wall that over time has grown higher—thicker. Only her closest friends get to see behind her mask. And even they don’’t know all her secrets.

Zoe doesn’t need a man in her life to make it better. She doesn’t need a man. Period. Especially a cocky, charming rock star who is used to women falling at his feet.

Smith Carson has known Zoe Hart since she was teenager. Pretty. Amusingly snarky. She was more of a girl than a woman. While he admired her musical skills, he always thought of her as Ryder Hart’s little sister. In other words, hands off.

When everything changed, he wasn’t certain. One day—in the blink of an eye—she was all grown up. And breathtakingly gorgeous.

Along with an outer maturity, Zoe’s snarky tongue turned acid sharp. If Smith wanted Zoe—and he did—he would need more than his usual easy charm to win her.

Resisting Smith was easy when Zoe thought he was nothing but a shallow, narcissistic pretty boy. Suddenly, he was more. Much more. Maybe everything.

Smith didn’t try to hide his intentions. He wanted Zoe. To her surprise—as she got to know him—she found herself wanting him back. Before she knew what happened, he snuck beneath her well-constructed defenses.

Smith was on a path to her heart—something Zoe hadn’t thought possible.

Smith tempted her. But secrets—no matter how well buried—have a way of digging their way to the surface. Demons—both emotional and real—have haunted Zoe most her life.

Can she face them once and for all?

Can Zoe find a way to open her heart to what Smith is offering? Or will the past destroy what she wants the most? Love.

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