Fire in the Dawn: The Twin Skies Trilogy, Book 1

Written by Justin Fike
Category: · Sci-Fi & Fantasy

A prince in hiding. An empire in turmoil. A gathering storm.

Kyren e’Cania is the last son of a fallen House, raised in secret in the shadows of the city his family once ruled.

Trained by his father in the ways of his people, Kyren has avoided the notice of the tyrant who murdered his family by never giving anyone reason to suspect he is anything more than a nameless peasant.

But when an ambitious noble sets dangerous events in motion, Kyren must find a way to reclaim his heritage and unite his people, before everything he loves is swallowed by fire and sword once again.

“A beautifully written story with strong descriptions, penetrating characterisation, and considerable imaginative power.”
– Sam Thompson, author of Communion Town: A City in Ten Stories


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