Finding Peace – A Medieval Romance (The Sword of Glastonbury Series Book 2)

Written by Lisa Shea

Elizabeth has finally gotten free. Free of her abusive father, free of the cruel fiance he had pledged her to, and free of the ties to her past. She has left it all behind and vowed to find a new start in life.

When she first meets Richard, every instinct is to hold him at arm’s length. She will not allow herself to be hurt again. Slowly his patient understanding and steadfast honor draw her past her walls and encourage her to risk her heart.

Then Corwin strides in from her past, his cutting remarks and quick hand an all too familiar threat. As he threatens to drag her back into the hell-hole she climbed out of, it is all she can do to cling to the happiness she had barely begun to believe in.

All author’s proceeds from sales of the Sword of Glastonbury series benefit battered women’s shelters.

Finding Peace is book two in the Sword of Glastonbury series. Each novel ends in a happily ever after, which then leads into the next book in the series. Each of these full-length romances features its own flavor, atmosphere, and main characters. Each is set in a different part of medieval England and showcases the natural beauty of its region. Finding Peace is set in Yorkshire, in north-central England.

Finding Peace is a powerful tale of escaping abuse, overcoming tormenters, and reaching for new hope. It is suitable for teens and older. It features period-appropriate language such as “God’s Teeth.” It contains one gently-described intimate scene.

Finding Peace won the 2013 IPPY Silver Award in the category Juvenile/Young Adult Fiction E-Book.


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