Feng Shui: A Feng Shui Quick Guide Book That Makes Sense – Discover How To Bring Harmony and Balance of Feng Shui to Your Home and Office: (Feng Shui Home, … 2015) (Feng Shui Home Decor by Sam Siv)

Written by Sam Siv
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★★★Feng Shui: Discover how to bring in harmony and balance of Feng Shui to your home and office.★★★

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This book contains valuable information about Feng Shui and how to apply it to your home and office. You will find useful information on how to layout and decorate rooms in your house or apartment to optimize each with positive energy and prosperity. You will also learn the best colors and arrangements for your office that will attract more clients and money…

“With this amazing book you will transform your home in a pleasant living environment.” – Marija Bosic
“I recommend it highly to anyone wishing to incorporate the use of Feng Shui in your home or office.” – Wendie Owens
“This book is great for quick ideas on improving the feng shui around the house; it’s an easy read and very informative.” – Sydney
“The way to a happy home!” – Janna M.

Here Is A Preview

✔Learn about Wu Xing and the elements of Feng Shui
✔Learn about Wu Xing Cycle and the 5 elements interact
✔Learn the colors that you should use on your front door
✔Learn how the color black symbolizes mystery and the night and how it should be properly used
✔Learn how the color blue symbolizes elements of water and how it should be properly used
✔Learn why the color white is generally NOT a color and how it should be properly used
✔Learn how to effectively use mirrors and how to use this powerful accessory to uplift energies in the room
✔Learn why choosing the right color for your front door could profoundly impact energy flow into your home
✔Learn why choosing the wrong color could create bad chi or energy flow
✔Learn the correct colors to use based on the direction of your front door
✔Learn the elements of Feng Shui that will enhance romance in your bedroom
✔Learn which numbers are lucky in Feng Shui for business
✔Learn the power of elements and how they work together
✔Learn more about the do’s and don’ts of Feng Shui at home
✔Learn which colors to use best in the bedroom and how to effective use furniture for good Feng Shui
✔Learn how to improve romance in the bedroom by following simple Feng Shui steps
✔Learn which Feng Shui layout is best for the bathroom
✔Learn why the kitchen is loaded with energy and how to use the best colors for your kitchen to promote abundance and prosperity
✔Learn which color combinations are best to enhance the positive ambiance of your home
✔Learn more about the best Feng Shui furniture arrangements for home and office
✔Learn which numbers are lucky for your business
✔Learn how you should arrange your office furniture to attract more money
✔And much, much more!

Take action now and fix problems brought by bad Chi coming in and out of your house and office with the help of ancient Chinese Feng Shui!

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