Fatal Exposure (Desert Heat Book 1)

Written by Jessa Jacobs
Category: · Romance

Why did he have to come back?

Four years ago, Dylan made Alex’s heart race and her blood pound whenever he touched her. The high school quarterback was everyone’s dream boyfriend. Then Alex’s dad caught them in a compromised position in her room and sent Dylan out of their house and out of her life. Dylan left town a few weeks later, saying he’d never be back.

They’re about to learn you should never say never.

When they meet again over a mummified corpse in the blazing Arizona desert, what secrets is Dylan carrying, and why does he have to look so damn good? Before long, the town believes the death was murder, and Alex, now a college student and aspiring investigative journalist, can’t decide whether she’d like to find out what she missed all those years ago, or help put Dylan behind bars.

What’s going on in this tiny Arizona border town? Will Alex get the chance to make up her mind about Dylan, before she’s marked for murder herself?

Fatal Exposure is the first book in the Desert Heat series, of which three of the four books have now been published. Continue enjoying Alex and Dylan’s story with Fatal Divide (Book 2) and Fatal Intent (Book 3), now available.

This book was previously published under the pen name Jamie Jeffries. It has been re-edited and has a new cover, but there are no substantial differences from the first edition other than the cover and author name changes.


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