False Impressions (Megan Scott/Michael Elliott Mystery Book 1)

Written by Sandra Nikolai
Category: · Mystery & Suspense

Her cheating husband was murdered and she’s the prime suspect. Proving her innocence is one thing; evading a killer who wants her dead is something else.


Montreal ghostwriter Megan Scott falls under police suspicion when her husband and a female companion are found murdered. In what a Québec detective calls a crime of passion, startling evidence surfaces to also implicate Michael Elliott, a young investigative reporter who’d rather rub elbows with scumbags than live the posh lifestyle he inherited.

Clutched out of her comfort zone, Megan is flung into Michael’s dark world of criminal investigation. As they make a last-ditch attempt to prove their innocence, an elusive enemy closes in and threatens their lives. Who wants them out of the way and why?

Their only path to freedom is to catch the twisted killer before they become the next victims. But not knowing who to trust or where to turn can have consequences that are just as lethal…

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Michael Elliott’s quest for justice extends beyond the written word. Cool under pressure, he is a risk-taker and thrives in dangerous, unpredictable situations.


Megan Scott’s organized and predictable life falls apart when her husband dies unexpectedly. His suspicious death hurls Megan into Michael’s investigative world where her cautious curiosity struggles with her newfound courage.

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“A Film Noir style crime drama.”

“Well-crafted with crisp prose and subtle humour.”

***Each book in the Megan Scott/Michael Elliott Mystery series can be read as a standalone***


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