Failing: A Self-Hurt Guide to Business Success

Written by Anthony Lee
Category: · Business & Money

Failure. Is it the “F” word? In entrepreneurial circles, the word is rarely spoken out loud, but the fact is, it’s there. The type of gut-wrenching, lonely, desolate, humiliating failure that has no glory to it. Entrepreneurs striving to be the next big success experience it as a regular part of life.

These are the stories of suffering experienced by Anthony Lee, ecommerce entrepreneur. You might see yourself in some of them. Or they might clue you in to potential pitfalls ahead and show you a way to recognize, acknowledge and own the failures in your own life.

Not every failure has a lesson. Not every failure can be turned around. Sometimes you can do everything right and still fail.

Let’s start a real conversation about failing, a conversation that will educate, motivate and, most importantly, remind everyone trying to forge a new path in the dark: You Are Not Alone!


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